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Meet Smithtown’s team of Democratic candidates fighting for Smithtown’s future

How Much Longer Can We ignore Smithtown's Deep-Rooted Problems?

  • Unjustified Raises Given to Supervisor
    and Board Members

    It's disheartening to see our hard-earned tax dollars being used for personal gain rather than benefiting our community. We feel betrayed. Don’t you?

  • Town Board's Alliances with Individuals of
    Questionable Character

    Trust is the foundation of effective governance, and when that trust is compromised, it's essential to reassess the leadership that represents us.

  • Negative Spotlight on Our Town

    We deserve leaders who prioritize the reputation and well-being of our community, rather than making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

  • Town Board's Prioritizing Inexperience

    It's natural to question the decision-making process and wonder if our town's best interests are being properly considered.

Your Vote or Their Extremism?

Listen closely, Smithtown Democrats. The choices we make today will echo in the halls of tomorrow. Right now, your inaction is empowering a tide of extremism that threatens to sweep our town’s integrity away.


The Cold Reality of Apathy

Last year, out of the 21,811 passionate Democrats in Smithtown, only 6, 303 stood up to be counted. Let that sink in. That’s a fraction of our power, a whisper in the wind, leaving the door wide open for not just Republicans, but extremists with radical agendas.





Meet Your Candidates

Meet Smithtown's Team of Democratic Candidates for the November 2023 Election

Sarah Tully

Town Council

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Maria Scheuring

Town Council

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Amy Fortunato

Receiver of Taxes

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Bill Holst

Town Clerk

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Shared Values and Fierce Advocacy: Fighting for the Politics Our Town Deserves

We understand the frustration. Our town’s politics have been far from ideal. From questionable raises to eyebrow-raising decisions, it’s clear that things need to change. 

We feel the same way you do. That’s why our team is here—to address your concerns head-on. We’re committed to bringing back honesty, fairness, and accountability to local governance.

You deserve better, and we’re ready to make it happen.

    Let's Take Action Together for a Stronger Community

  • Create a Vibrant and Thriving Local Economy:

    Our commitment to revitalizing downtowns is essential for creating a vibrant and thriving local economy. By attracting new businesses, supporting existing ones, and enhancing the overall appeal of our downtown areas, we generate economic growth and job opportunities. A flourishing local economy translates to a prosperous community with a wide range of amenities and services.

  • Protect Community Health and Safety:

    Keeping toxic ash out of Smithtown is vital to safeguarding the health and well-being of our residents. Our focus on preventing the harmful effects of toxic ash ensures cleaner air, water, and a healthier environment for everyone. We are committed to proactive measures that preserve the quality of life and protect future generations.

  • Strengthen Cybersecurity Infrastructure:

    Our focus on hardening systems against cyberattacks aims to protect sensitive data and safeguard against potential breaches. By implementing robust cybersecurity measures, we strengthen our infrastructure's resilience, reducing the risk of cyber threats and ensuring the security of personal and confidential information.

Worn out by the divisive politics?

Stand with our candidates who prioritize unity, collaboration, and working together for the common good.


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